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Open Water Forms
Medical Statement

Use this form to document relevant medical history. This does not preclude you from diving, but you will need to get approval from a physician prior to in-water activities. Most divers will need to complete this form and have it signed by their doctor. These forms are good for one year unless recent medical history has changed.

General Training Release of Liability

This is a liability release form for General Training in Scuba Diving. Unless a more specific liability form is available for your course, this form will satisfy the requirement.

Equipment Rental Agreement Liability Release Form

When diving with equipment provided by TD Scuba in one of our training courses or renting gear for any other activities, you will need to complete the Equipment Rental Agreement Liability Release form. Please fill in the information at the top of the first page and all of the second page. A TD Scuba staff member will help mark the actual items you are using from our facility.

Pre-Certification Programs
Discover Snorkeling and Skin Diving Liability Release

If you are signing up for a course on snorkeling or skin diving, you will need to complete this liability release form to cover your participation in those activities.

Try Diving Pool Event Liability Release

If you are considering training in scuba diving but are not sure you are ready to make a big investment, we also offer Try Diving events that allow you to try scuba diving in a swimming pool without a prohibitive up-front expense. This form covers those events.

Continue Your Training
Continuing Education Administrative Document

This form is the primary form needed for most training beyond the Open Water Scuba Certification. This document is good for one year. It includes an updated statement of medical history. If you mark any category on this form or it has changed within a year of obtaining permission from a physician to participate in diving, then you will need to also provide a signed medical form.

Enriched Air (Nitrox) Diver Training

If you will be participating in training using enriched air gas blends with greater than 21% oxygen and less than 40% oxygen will need to complete this liability release form for enriched air diving.

Travel With Us
Boat Travel and Scuba Diving

This form is a release for travel by boat and also covers activities from a boat such as Snorkeling or Scuba diving.

Travel and Excursions Liability Release

At TD SCUBA, we offer several group trips for Scuba diving throughout the year. If you will be joining in one of these trips as a diver or non-diver, you will need to complete this release form.

Keep Diving Forms
Self-Reliant Diver Training Liability Release Form

This form is required for participating in the Self-Reliant Diver Training Course.

Certified Diver Experience Programs Liability Release

This form applies to programs targeted at divers who are already certified. These are experience programs intended to introduce divers to additional Scuba experiences.

Certified Divers Liability Release

If you are joining TD Scuba as a certified diver for general fun diving without any specific training, this is the liability release you will need.

Gas Blender Training Liability Release

At TD Scuba, we are a full-service dive shop. If you are interested in technical diving and learning how to prepare special gas mixes such as Nitrox or Trimix, you will need to complete this release before starting the Gas Blender Training Program.

Certified Self-Reliant Diver Liability Release

This form is a liability release for divers that are already certified as Self-Reliant Divers. You must provide proof that you have this level of training before you will be allowed to participate in activities at TD Scuba as a Self-Reliant Diver.

Recreational Closed-Circuit PADI Rebreather Courses

Many divers are choosing to ditch the bubbles when they dive. At TD Scuba, we offer an array of Closed-Circuit Rebreater (CCR) training and equipment. You will need to complete this Liability Release form before participating in the Recreational CCR courses.

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